Holiday Inn Anaheim Resort

August 17, 2007

Hotel Spotlight: Holiday Inn Anaheim Resort

Disneyland_2_138We're putting the spotlight on the Holiday Inn Anaheim Resort.  This is a beautiful and spacious hotel property that's genuinely confortable.  We'll take you on an audio tour of the hotel so you know what to expect when you arrive for your Disneyland vacation.  One thing is for sure, you can count on the numerous free services Get Away Today customers automatically receive when they book their Holiday Inn Anaheim Resort vacation with us.

Please take a few minutes to listen to what the free services are and how they'll benefit you and your family.  They'll certainly save you money.  The easiest way to find out is to listen or subscribe to the Get Away Today Travel Show Podcast with Patrick Wiscombe and Carrie Marshall, the Sales Manager of the Holiday Inn Anaheim Resort.


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--------------------- PODCAST TRANSCRIPT ---------------------

Disneyland_2_136 Todd Carlson:  (Announcer)
Travel news you can use.  This is the Get Away Travel Show.  Get Away Today is a top provider of affordable, fun family vacations to Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Hawaii, San Diego, Beaches, and Sandals.  The travel show is heard exclusively on Get Away  And now, here’s the host of the travel show.

Patrick Wiscombe:  (Get Away Today Internet Marketing Manager)
This is the Get Away Today Travel Show podcast.  My name is Patrick Wiscombe; Internet Marketing Manager for the Get Away Today website and blog.  Before we get started, I need to thank those people who have taken the time to subscribe and stream our podcast.  The response has been nothing short of amazing so we’ll continue producing the hotel spotlight features and offering podcast only vacation specials.  That special is coming up at the end ofDisneyland_2_137 this podcast so make sure you stick around and listen.  Coming up in the next few minutes, we’re putting the Get Away Today hotel spotlight on the beautiful and relaxing Holiday Inn Anaheim Resort. I invited Carrie Marshall, the Sales Manager for the Holiday Inn Anaheim Resort, to join me for this podcast.  She joins me on the other end of this connection.  Carrie, I was trying to think of a good title for this podcast and the only word I could think of was the word FREE.  How are you doing?

Carrie Marshall:  (Holiday Inn Anaheim Resort Sales Manager)
Hi Patrick. 

Patrick Wiscombe:  Let’s talk about the fourth night free promotion we were talking about just before we started recording this podcast.

Carrie Marshall:  We have so many offers to Get Away Today guests.  It’s the fourth night free.  It’s available from September 1 thru December 16.  Every fourth night is free.  If you stay 8 nights, you get two nights free.      

Disneyland_2_135_2 Patrick Wiscombe:  One of the purposes of the Get Away Today podcast is to let everyone know about your resort and let them know about some of the free things they get just for showing up.  Let’s talk about the free breakfast offer which I’m always a big fan of, especially if you have a family.

Carrie Marshall:  Me too.  This offer is only being given to Get Away Today customers.  They’ll receive free breakfast for the entire family in our restaurant which is called the American Brassiere.  It’s open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Kids that are 12 and under can also eat lunch and dinner for free. 

Patrick Wiscombe:  Now that’s a promotion any family can appreciate.  One of the main reasons families go down to the Anaheim area is to go to the Disneyland Resort.  The hotel is located 1 mile away from the park; so let's talk about transportation.

Disneyland_2_134 Carrie Marshall:  We have a wonderful transportation company called Anaheim Resort Transportation.  We offer free shuttle service back and forth to Disneyland for all of our Get Away Today vacation guests.  That shuttle runs every 10 – 20 minutes.  It picks them up right in front of our hotel and drops them off right at the Disneyland main entrance as well as Disney’s California Adventure park.  The shuttle is an incredible experience if you want to wake up in the morning, go to Disneyland to beat the rush, and then come back to the hotel to lay out by the pool during the afternoon.  You and ride the shuttle back and forth to the hotel all day long.

Patrick Wiscombe:  When families go on vacation, the only thing kids’ care about is the pool.   That IS their vacation.  It wouldn’t matter if they went anywhere else as long as they have the pool.

Disneyland_2_129Carrie Marshall:  That’s my kids.  I just took them to Hawaii and they spent the whole time at the pool.  They didn’t want to go to the beach so I know how important the pool is to a family.  I can honestly say that we have one of the best pools in the Anaheim resort.  We have a large 2000 square foot pool.  It’s heated year-round and it looks like Mickey’s head if you’re standing in the right direction.  It’s surrounded by trees and lush landscaping.  We’ve create our own little resort out by the pool area. 

Patrick Wiscombe:  Do you remember when I came down and started taking pictures of your hotel?  The first thing I noticed was the vegetation.  I noticed the big trees, the plants, and the big pool.  However, the thing that surprised me was the huge sundeck where you can relax and hangout. 

Carrie Marshall:  It’s beautiful here.  The California water is beautiful year-round.  You can definitely relax.  You can kick up your feet and rest them up before you go back to Disneyland

Disneyland_2_153 Patrick Wiscombe:  The other thing that surprised me was the sport court and the barbeque area.  That’s a unique feature and benefit to the Holiday Inn Anaheim Resort.

Carrie Marshall:  You can play basketball on the sport court.  You can play tennis and volleyball on this court.  All the kids love to get out and play.  We have all of the equipment at the front desk for our guests and it’s free of charge.  Just come to the front desk and tell them what you want and you’ll be able to check it out.  As well as the sport court, we also have the barbeque area which you mentioned.  We have many families that like to bring their own food and cook out on the barbeque.  Guests can use the barbeque anytime to cook themselves a good dinner or lunch.  We also have the arcade game area out by the pool Patrick.  We have all of the newest video games.

Patrick Wiscombe:  Oh yeah, I forgot about the arcade area. 

Carrie Marshall:  It’s right by the pool so parents and family can lay out by the pool while the kids play video games.

Disneyland_2_131  Patrick Wiscombe:  I always get a nervous when you use somebody’s barbeque.  You open up the barbeque and it looks like it hasn’t been cleaned forever.  It looks like it’s been sitting out there for two or three years and all the food is caked on.  I saw the barbeque with my own eyes.  The barbeque is spotless, it’s clean, and I would put my own food on it.  You know what I’m talking about. 

Carrie Marshall:  I do, I do.  I wish the person who cleaned the barbeque here could come to my house.

Patrick Wiscombe:  Now, let’s talk about some of the other free stuff you have.  Even though this is a leisure vacation for most, maybe people are coming down to see a Los Angeles Angels game or maybe the Ducks.  One of the first questions I want to know is:  does the hotel have internet access and the answer is…

Carrie Marshall:  YES!  There is free wireless internet access throughout the entire hotel.  So, if you’re like me and you travel with your laptop, you can check your e-mail.  You can do whatever you need to do.  We even have wireless service out by the pool. 

Patrick Wiscombe:  Let’s talk about the rooms and how they’re laid out. 

Disneyland_2_095 Carrie Marshall:  As you know Patrick, we just opened in 2001 so we’re just about ready to celebrate our sixth year.  Our hotel looks brand new.  It looks like we just opened up the doors yesterday.  All of our rooms are very spacious.  We offer two double beds as well as the TV.  We have refrigerators in all of the rooms.  We have large bathrooms that have the shower and tub combo.

Patrick Wiscombe:  I thought one of the cool things you offer at your hotel was the kid themed rooms

Carrie Marshall:  Oh yeah, we have a lot of fun with those.  They have bunk beds and it an animal themed room.  We also include a Nintendo GameCube inside each kid themed room as well as a VCR.  Both the games and the movies are available at the front desk.  All you need to do is come down and check them out.  They’re free as well. 

Patrick Wiscombe:   Many people choose to drive down to the Anaheim area and many hotels charge their guests to park their cars at the hotel.  Do you charge guests to park their cars?

CDisneyland_2_105 arrie Marshall:  No, we don’t.  Most hotels charge $8 - $20 each day.  That’s a huge amount of money especially if you’re staying three, four, or five nights.  We offer free parking for all of our guests.  It’s self- parking.  You save a lot of money.

Patrick Wiscombe:  Let’s talk about fitness while you’re out on the road.  You know how physically fit I am. 

Carrie Marshall:  [laughter]  I do, Patrick.

Patrick Wiscombe:  Many people want to know if they can work out while they’re on the road. 

Carrie Marshall:  Yes they can and they can do it for free.  The fitness center is open 24 hours so they can work out whenever they want.

Patrick Wiscombe:  Do people really work out at two and three o’clock in the morning?

Carrie Marshall:  Well, fortunately I’m not here at that time so I don’t know if they do or not. 

Disneyland_2_114 Patrick Wiscombe:  This is also a unique feature to the Holiday Inn Anaheim Resort hotel.  Most hotels have coin-operated laundry but you were telling me just before we started recording this podcast that you offer free self-service laundry.  I guess if you need dry cleaning you can take it to some place. 

Carrie Marshall:  We definitely have the dry cleaning available.  You can turn it in to our front desk and they’ll send it out for you.  There is a charge for that but we have free self-service laundry located up on our 9th floor so you don’t have to pack a lot of clothes.  You don’t have to go home with a lot of dirty clothes.  You can do all of your laundry here for free. 

Patrick Wiscombe:  What about a gift shop.  Do you have one?

Carrie Marshall:  We do.  We have great gift shop.  Its open 24 hours and it’s taken care of by our front desk personnel.  It has Disney trinkets and souvenirs.  They have Chap Stick and sunscreen; anything you left at home.  We have toothpaste.  We have it available in the gift shop.   We also have a microwave located in there.  We also have frozen burritos, weight watcher meals, and budget meals.  You pick those things up at any time of the day.  We also have cold, refreshing soda and drinks, candy, and lots of snacks.

Patrick Wiscombe:  Let’s recap all of the free services and benefits of staying at the Holiday Inn Anaheim Resort.

Disneyland_2_116 Carrie Marshall:  We have the fourth night free promotion good from September 1 thru December 16, 2007.  We have free breakfast for the entire family while kids 12 & under can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner for free.  We have free shuttles to Disneyland Resort.  We also have the free parking and free self-service laundry, free wireless internet throughout the entire hotel.  We also offer the free 24 hour fitness center, refrigerators in all rooms and free video games. 

Patrick Wiscombe:  I really liked this hotel.  It was clean, spacious, and had a very relaxing environment.  Whether you were inside your room, sitting in the lobby, or just hanging out by the pool, it was a terrific place to stay.  Now for the Get Away vacation package offer.  If you book your vacation with Get Away Today right now and you want to travel from September 1 to September 30th, Disneyland_2_120 you’ll receive $40 - $80 off your Disneyland / Holiday Inn Anaheim resort vacation depending on the number of nights you stay.  You’ll save $40 instantly if you book two nights, $50 if you stay 3 or 4 nights plus you’ll receive the fourth night free.    $60 dollars off if you stay 5 nights.  $70 if you stay 6 nights and $80 if you stay 7 nights and you’ll get the 8th night free.  So basically, you get every fourth night free and you’ll receive two early entries, instead of one, to the Disneyland Resort.  You won’t find this offer anywhere else and it can only be booked on our website.  Our web address is Get Away

--------------------- END OF PODCAST TRANSCRIPT ---------------------

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